Priory of The Temple Church


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Gen. Raymond G Davis Templar Foundation

The Priory of The Temple Church through our Convent Auction Proceeds financially supports young Christians in the Holy Land to achieve their educational dream by funding individual student scholarships which helps both the students and the Palestinian Christian Community.

This program is managed by The General Raymond G. Davis Templar Foundation (a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization) which is the charitable arm of SMOTJ-GPUSA.

Individual members from the Priory of The Temple Church also sponsor several students.

Jerusalem Mite

The collection at each Convent is collected and forwarded to the Jerusalem Mite.

Local Charities

Priory members also help support Honor Flight, whose mission is one of gratitude. For their service, sacrifice, and selflessness, we join them as they proudly celebrate America’s Veterans with a day of honor in our nation’s capital.

Local contributions both in sweat equity and monetarily, include Veterans groups, Prison Ministry, Soup Kitchens, etc.